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Taufik Nurhidayat
Taufik Nurhidayat
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Templar Themes adalah template blogger gratis yang dibuat dengan css framework bootstrap 5. 


Berikut adalah fitur  dan perubahan dari template tersebut.

    -Bootstrap v5 with customization
    -Automatic TOC (can change custom id)
    -Widget Ver: 2
    -Layout Ver: 3
    -Blogger Template Version: v1.3.0
    -Adsense Ready
    -Fast load
    -Related Articles
    -Seo Friendly (it is teory)
    -Pass Rich Search Results
    -Using SVG Icons

21 Agustus 2020:
    - Realese beta v1.1
    - Remove header section 2
    - Change thumbnail ratio to 2:1
    - Fix bug search collapse
    - Set icon and animation dropdown toggle and search toggle
    - Adding Search with Ajax Loader
    - Add Contact Form Widget in Page
    - Fix HTML Widget Title
    - Functions Script load from Github
    - JSON+LD Add to index
    - Fix Adsense to bottom of the body (in middle post has been removed)
    - Adding style comment form message
    - Fix pre code scrollbar background

15 Agustus 2020:
    - Realese beta v1.0

Link download dan Demo

Versi 1.1
Download Demo

Versi beta 1.0
Download Download 2 Demo

Untuk pengaturan ada di halaman Pengaturan Templar Themes
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  1. Change the download link to latest version..

    1. That is the latest version

    2. No sir it has an error the headerByline disply in the post footer.. Not like this blog bro

    3. The available regionbyline is author, share button (move to the footer, dont include in heaer), timestamp.

  2. What's the byline for (oleh taufik, updated: time) after the post header?

    1. I dont' understand because my bad english. Is it an index page or an item page? Because I differentiate the two codes so that the index page cannot be changed from the layout. If on the item page, you can adjust the position on the header or footer on Layout> Blog

    2. I try to translate your question, but i still not understand your question. Sorry if my answer not in accordance with your question. The byline aims to make it easier for readers to see the date the post was published.

  3. Can i mail you with pictur?

  4. Cara agar tampilan homepagenya jadi 3 seperti di blog ini bisa kah? Terlalu besar jika 2 jajar begitu..

    1. Bisa sih mas, cuma bakalann nggak simetris dengan ukuran font-nya. Coba ganti pada widget blog 'row-cols-2' dengan 'row-cols-3' tapi ya yang lain mungkin harus diatur lagi.

    2. Oke saya cuma pengen tau cara bikin sejajarnya aja bang, gak bisa bisa di tempat saya.. Bingung

    3. Yang sebelah mana mas? Mungkin bisa saya bantu nanti


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